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Rara Lake is the biggest and the deepest fresh water lake in Nepal. It is part of Rara National Park and located in Jumla and Mugu District in Western Nepal. The lake lies at an altitude of about 2,900m above the sea level and covers an area of 10.8sqkm. It is 5.1km long and 2.7km wide and the maximum depth of about 167m.
The best visiting time to the lake is in between September to Ocotber and April to May as during winter months from December to March, the temperature drops below freezing point and heavy snowfall up to a meter will block the way to the lake. Month of April to June is warm and summer is pleasant.

Rara Lake
Rara Taal / Lake Western Nepal
Aerial view of Rara Lake
Rara Lake, Mugu District
Rara Lake, a beautiful lake in Western Nepal
Rara Lake with snow capped mountains at the background