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Tilicho Lake is one of the fresh water lake in Nepal. It is in Manang District in Western Nepal. The lake is at an alititude of about 4,920 meters above the sea level. Sometimes it is also called the highest lake in the world for its size.
The lake is about 4km long and 1.2km wide covering an area of about 4.8 sqkm and average depth of 85meters. Tilicho Taal / Lake is in Annapurna Mountain Range and is one of the most popular side hikes of Annapurna Circuit trek.

Tilicho Lake
Tilicho Taal, Manang, Western Nepal
Tilicho Taal, Manang District
Tilicho Lake, Western Nepal
Trekking Route in Tilicho Taal Region, Western Nepal
Tilicho Lake, Manang, Western Nepal